01 January 2018

Apa Padanan Bahasa Indonesia dari Frasa All Fast Berth?

Dokumen Sumber: 

Content of Vessel Time Sheet 
All Fast Berth: 
Inspection of tanks (fill the date & time) 
Inspection of sampling, etc (fill the date & time) 
Hose connected (fill the date & time) 


Dalam konteks perkapalan, all fast = waktu ketika prosedur merapatnya kapal di dermaga sudah sempurna/selesai dan kapal sudah merapat dan tertambat dg aman. 

Selanjutnya, berth = dermaga 

Jadi, ringkasnya, all fast berth = kapal merapat sempurna di dermaga. 


All Fast 
The time at which the mooring or docking procedure is completed and the vessel is safely tied up or moored. 

Vessel laytime shall commence when the vessel is moored alongside (all fast) the loading berth . . .. 

Vessels are, however, not required to comply with the requirements when switching between fuel types during the first hour after arrival (all fast to a berth or buoys, or brought up at anchor), and the last hour prior to departure (let go the last line or anchor aweigh). 

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