10 February 2011

At A Glance

I started translating in early 1990 after dropping out of the electrical engineering department of Padang Institute of Teacher Training and Education (IKIP Padang) halfway through my study for severe conditions of self-financed study. Nine years later, I went to the English department of Universitas Bung Hatta of Padang and graduated summa cum laude (with GPA of 3.95 on a 4.00 scale) in 2004. Since 2007 I have been doing my BA in law at Universitas Ekasakti of Padang.

With more than 20 (twenty) years of experience as a full-time freelance translator and local clients who are mostly undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in various disciplines, I have been extensively and intensively exposed to numerous texts of various disciplines too.

Nevertheless, to have comprehensive understanding and complete mastery of the subject matter, I specialize in legal, medical, business, and financial translation. My knowledge of and skills in medical translation are derived from long experience of translating book chapters and research journal articles for local undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in medicine.

Now, having had long experience in translating legal, business, and financial documents, I am doing an SH (equivalent to LL.B.) to widen and deepen my knowledge of law and business/finance. This major was chosen based on the fact that studying law involves business and finance (business law, civil law, business organizations, contracts, bankruptcy, labour law, trade and investment, securities, capital market, etc.), while studying business/finance does not involve law. Thus, I kill two birds with one stone.

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